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Empowering Confident Decisions • Let’s Talk Supply Chain

We’re kicking off another brand new mini-series!

For this four-part special, I’m joined by Sifted: the number one logistics intelligence platform, who are empowering shippers to make smart, data-powered business decisions. Over the next four episodes, our “Tomorrow’s Insights Delivered Today” series is going to take a closer look at Sifted: their market-leading products; the customers they’re helping to thrive in times of disruption; the trends, insights and predictions they’re seeing in the industry right now; and exactly how they’re setting shippers up for success, today and tomorrow.

Today in Episode 1, Empowering Confident Decisions, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Sifted Score: how it works; how it helps to deliver categorized insights for quick actions; and exactly how Sifted are empowering shippers to make confident and future-proof decisions.




[02.53] For anyone who missed the last show, a reminder of who Sifted are and what they do.

“We help shippers revolutionize decision-making.”

[04.19] What ‘empowering confident decisions’ means to Sifted, and to the industry amidst ongoing disruption, and why it’s so important.

“For us, it means knowing the scope, the risk, and the impact of a particular business decision.”

[07.02] An overview of the Sifted Score, “a credit score for shipping” – what it does and how it helps its customers.

“It’s an at-a-glance visibility tool for gauging the success of your shipping operations.”

[07.51] A closer look at the Sifted Score, the six key categories and over 20 different unique factors that make up the score, and the business areas that clients can expect to see analyzed.

[10.24] The Sifted Score dashboard, how clients can see and understand the data within it, and identify the key impacts customized to their industry.

“We’re all looking for data to inform our decisions right now, and given the conditions that are happening in the market… we all want to make confident decisions and be on steady ground.”

[13.28] Ami expands on the importance of empowering confident decisions, on removing the guesswork and better understanding the next steps for your business.

“It’s the nuance in the emotive feeling vs ‘let’s go and see what the data has to say about it!’ With the amount of data that shippers have at their fingertips, we’re in a world that no-one should have to ‘feel’ a costly decision – they should be able to know with clarity and confidence.”

[15.55] How and why a business’s Sifted Score is re-calculated weekly, and the impact that has on agility and improved decision making.

“Carriers are constantly making changes – some within their control, some outside of it.”

[21.46] Sifted Score’s simple integration and onboarding process.

[24.13] The ideal client for the Sifted Score.

“A lot of people talk about being resilient, and agility, and how important that is. But if you’re not willing to explore different ways of doing things, you can’t become agile and respond to the market.”

[26.39] A case study looking at how Sifted helped a key customer to make strategic delivery improvements, improving customer satisfaction and reducing costs.

[28.12] Ami’s predictions for the rest of 2022, looking forward to 2023.

“Change is the only constant in supply chain! Plan for the known – we’ve got peak season, a general rate increase, some market instability…. And start to model out some of the unknowns.”



Head over to Sifted’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Sifted and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, or you can connect with Ami on LinkedIn.

If you enjoyed the show, why not check out episode 230, where Caleb first introduced us to Sifted; what they do; the importance of taking a holistic approach to shipping health; and the role that disruptions like COVID have played in the digitization of logistics. You can also check out his fascinating blog, How Sifted Is Shaking Up The Shipping Industry (Goodbye, Excel Hell).

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