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Engineer Contract Success • Let’s Talk Supply Chain

It’s the fourth and final episode of our Sifted mini-series!

Last week in episode three, I was joined by Caleb Nelson, Chief Growth Officer, to talk all about Sifted’s Parcel Audit solution for shippers; how it can identify and recover lost revenue; how the boom in ecommerce has impacted shippers; and the power of strategic automation.

And today in episode four, we’ll be turning our attention to Sifted’s Contract Management Suite. I’m joined by Adam Moulding, Chief Innovation Officer, to talk all about the platform; helping customers to go beyond a one-and-done negotiation mindset; the importance of strengthening business relationships; and the role of innovation in the future of supply chain.




[01.43] Some of the big challenges around contract management in the current climate.

“Contracts have become even more difficult, there are a lot more vendors… and figuring out all of the supply chain components – contracts, what’s active, what discounts are expiring – has become a real challenge for businesses… who’s profession isn’t supply chain!”

[03.29] An overview of Sifted’s contract management suite – how it helps its customers, and how it helps to tackle those key challenges.

“It’s about providing visibility… You need to be looking at your contracts. And you need to be comparing those contracts to your every day shipping profile.”

[07.06] A closer look at what customers can do within Sifted’s contract management suite platform, and the different ways they can hone contracts and optimize their shipping strategies.

“How do I know what I should be doing on a daily basis, and how do I measure whether or not I am doing it?”

[11.28] An explanation of re-rating, how Sifted’s solution allows customers to run re-rating scenarios, and how it empowers them to make confident data-driven decisions.

“We’re breaking down those variables into easily understandable changes… anybody can go in and play with the numbers and understand ‘how does this impact?’”

[14.01] A closer look at Sifted’s contract monitoring, and how it helps take customers beyond a one-and-done negotiation mindset.

“They say that data is the new gold but really, data insights are the most valuable thing.”

[20.02] The role of innovation in setting businesses up for success now, and in the future; and its importance to the overall future of supply chain.

[22.56] A closer look at Sifted’s newly launched compliance tool, what it does and how it complements the existing range of Sifted solutions.

[25.53] The ideal client for Sifted’s contract management suite.

[26.58] A case study looking at how Sifted helped a key client find solutions to a huge rise in shipping costs, ultimately helping them to reduce costs whilst increasing business.

[32.13] Adam’s key takeaways from the mini-series, and his predictions for the industry as we head into 2023.

“Businesses and shippers have to be flexible and adaptable – to carrier changes, to market changes, to supply chain blockages and all of the different things that are going to be thrown at them.”



Head over to Sifted’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Sifted and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, or you can connect with Adam on LinkedIn.

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