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Make Smarter Packing Decisions, with Paccurate • Let’s Talk Supply Chain

Today I’m joined by Paccurate, a forward-thinking logistics tech brand that is on a mission to make shipping more sustainable for your business, and the planet – all through packing.

Paccurate is the only patented cartonization solution that optimizes for transportation costs directly. Designed to save you cost and waste, and deliver impactful efficiency gains, the Paccurate API is fast, flexible and smart.

Today James Malley, CEO and co-founder at Paccurate, joins me to chat all about the company: what they do; tackling the challenge of rising fulfilment costs; why right-sizing isn’t enough; and making a commitment to sustainable solutions.




[05.51] James’ career journey and how, and why, he came to co-found Paccurate.

[07.12] Some of the key challenges Paccurate customers are facing right now, when it comes to packing, fulfilment and logistics.

“The costs associated with fulfilment went up extremely fast during the pandemic, and the problem is that the pandemic has started to wane, but the costs have not slowed down – they keep rising.”

[08.45] An overview of Paccurate – what they do and how they help their customers.

“We help shippers figure out which sized cartons they need to keep in their warehouses and stores, and then we provide a fast API that helps them generate packing plans in real time.”

[12.15] James explains exactly what cartonization means.

[13.08] Common packing mistakes, how Paccurate are different, and some of the benefits that brands can expect when they work with them, from cost savings to risk mitigation.

“Typically people try to make the boxes smaller, but you can go further than that – you can optimize the boxes for the journey that they’re going to take.”

[15.57] The Paccurate algorithm, and how it uses AI to model a space and simulate the best solutions.

“Everything with packing is really about finding the balance.”

[17.22] Why sustainability is so important to Paccurate, and how they are helping their customers to meet key ESG goals.

“People have to be mindful that there is an emissions cost to paper as well… so we try to put numbers to that for our customers.”

[19.11] The quick and easy onboarding and implementation process with Paccurate.

[20.09] Paccurate’s ideal client.

[21.02] From taking additional trucks off the road to improving carrier relationships, a closer look at the positive impacts of utilizing Paccurate’s cartonization solution.

“In the average package, that looks OK if you eyeball it, there’s actually a huge amount of potential.”

[22.53] The future for Paccurate.




Head over to Paccurate’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Paccurate and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn or Twitter, or you can connect with James on LinkedIn.

If you want to find out more about packaging, why not check out episode 216, Sustainable Packaging Trends, featuring Sarah Scudder, President & CRO at Real Sourcing Network and a superstar in the packaging space, who is helping to change the way we think about how the products we sell, and use, are packaged. She chats all about single vs multi-use plastics, recycling vs reusing, innovations in the packaging space, and the impact more sustainable packaging can have on both businesses and the environment.

And if you’re thinking about how you can tackle your own sustainability goals, why not read Achieving Sustainability Goals in Supply Chain Delivery, in which FarEye CEO Kushal Nahata talks more about addressing CO2 emissions, and the ripple effects of the COP26 conference on supply chain delivery.

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