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Optimize Warehouse Productivity, with Locus Robotics • Let’s Talk Supply Chain

Today I’m joined by Locus Robotics, a super innovative technology brand that is creating ground-breaking robotics technology, with the right mix of power and flexibility, to improve warehouse productivity.

Locus design and build innovative autonomous mobile robots, that work collaboratively alongside people in the fast paced logistics and fulfilment industries. With Locus’s powerful and intelligent autonomous solutions, workers can pick 2x-3x faster with near-100% accuracy and less labor, delivering higher productivity and a better workplace.

Today Kait Peterson, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Locus Robotics, joins me to chat all about the company: what they do; the importance of flexibility in supply chain; using robots to empower people; and how automation can drive a competitive advantage.

  • With Locus’s powerful and intelligent autonomous solutions, workers can pick 2x-3x faster with near-100% accuracy and less labor, delivering higher productivity and a better workplace.
  • Get your business the competitive edge it needs with our innovative technology
  • Say goodbye to underperforming warehouses and fulfillment centers – let Locus help you optimize your space for maximal efficiency
  • Keep up with the Joneses (or rather, the Amazon) by implementing Locus into your supply chain – we promise you won’t regret it




[07.08] The current landscape of the warehousing industry and its challenges, from labor shortages to the knock-on effect of port delays.

“Warehouses are the new bottleneck… The key is going to be all about throughput.”

[08.01] With robot sales reaching record highs, Kait reflects on how the industry is thinking about, and implementing, robotics solutions.

“There are two methodologies for implementation, but the key is to have a robotics solution that improves efficiency and productivity, but also makes your workers lives better, so you can keep and maintain the talent you have.”

[09.31] An overview of Locus Robotics – what they do and how they help their customers.

“We focus on collaborative robots in the warehouse – we have robots that work seamlessly with your workforce.”

[11.19] A closer look at LocusOne, the technology platform that powers the Locus robots.

[12.07] How, and why, brands are using Locus as a competitive advantage in a challenging market.

“A lot of our customers see it as such as competitive advantage, that they don’t want anybody else to know that they’re using Locus!”

[13.34] The relationship between people and robots, and why Locus’s solution is all about empowering people, not replacing them.

“We’re centered on the people… We were originally a logistics company that saw the problems in the warehouse and used robotics to solve them.”

[15.56] A closer look at onboarding, integration and training with Locus, and the flexibility that the solution can bring.

[17.46] The ideal client for Locus.

[19.11] Two case studies showing how Locus work with their customers to design customized solutions for complex omnichannel challenges.

[21.07] From safety to customer satisfaction, the many and varied benefits of robotics.

“Now is the time to get into robotics!”

[23.04] The future for Locus Robotics.




Head over to Locus Robotics’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Locus Robotics and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, or you can connect with Kait on LinkedIn.

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