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Re-Think about The Human Journey, with Argo AI • Let’s Speak Provide Chain

Today I’m joined by Argo AI, a forward-thinking transport technology business who are on a mission to make the world’s streets and roadways safe, accessible and useful for all, through the power of self-driving technology.

With a team of self-driven engineers, strategists, product managers, and more – from over 50 countries – Argo are utilizing self-driving products and services to transform the movement of people and goods, benefiting communities around the world, and empowering both people and businesses to be more successful.

Today Lehren MacKay, Head of Business Development at Argo AI, joins me to chat all about the company: what they do; the landscape of autonomous technology; embracing a culture of safety; and why self-driving technology has profound potential to transform the way we live and move.




[06.23] The current landscape when it comes to autonomous vehicles, and why it’s a growing focus for many businesses.

“It’s really exciting times – we are seeing a lot of investment in the autonomous vehicles space and a focus on a lot of diverse applications of the technology, ranging from delivery to ride share to trucking.”

[08.29] An overview of Argo – what they do, and how they help their customers.

“We have had a really collaborative process with our customers, creating relationships that drive mutual benefits and ultimately thinking about how we can future proof their businesses.”

[11.59] Mapping, sensing, planning and acting – the four key steps in how Argo’s autonomous technology works.

[14.18] The relationship between AI and people, and why it’s important to harness the power that comes from both working seamlessly together.

“We often think about ‘how are we designing products, with people and customers in mind?’ And so for us, our key purpose is ‘how do we think about reimagining the human journey?’

[16.26] A closer look at Argo’s Autonomous Delivery service, and the value it’s bringing to both the middle and last mile for customers.

“We’re seeing a re-emergence of the urban middle mile… and as part of this change, we’re seeing new delivery middle mile use cases.”

[19.04] From tackling efficiency issues to addressing sustainability goals, the positive impact autonomous vehicles can have on the industry.

“There are a lot of driver shortages impacting delivery schedules, and we think autonomous vehicles can actually become that reliable driver supply to meet increasing volume and demands.”

[21.53] Why safety is a core value at Argo, and why autonomous vehicles have the potential to revolutionize the safety of our roads.

“We are ultimately designing a driver that never gets tired, never gets distracted – and never drinks too much!”

[25.07] Argo’s ethos of benefiting communities, and empowering both people and businesses.

[27.11] The ideal client for Argo.

[29.09] A case study, showing how Argo supported a key client with store-to-store rebalancing, in order to help them meet changing customer demands.

[32.56] The future for Argo, and for autonomous vehicles.




Head over to Argo AI’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Argo and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram, or you can connect with Lehren on LinkedIn.

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