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5 Causes Youngsters Love Refurbished Electronics

Five Reasons Kids Love Refurbished Electronics_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsThis season is often more about the kids than any other time of year, and it can be daunting to get something that lives up to the expectation being established by manufacturers and parents alike. But, if you’ve read our previous post about buying refurbished devices, you know this doesn’t have to be an unsustainable or overly expensive affair. So, here are even more reasons why buying a refurbished laptop or tablet is ideal for any child or teen in your life:

  1. Great prices can put high-end electronics in their hands for less – go ahead and splurge on that extra RAM or killer screen res since it’s at 60 to 70% off the manufacturer’s price. Your child will love the added features.
  2. Less stress since the device isn’t brand spanking new – there’s no need to panic sending that refurbished laptop with your teen to college, or if your middle schooler takes the tablet with them to soccer practice since it was previously used. Even it it’s perfect, there’s something about knowing it wasn’t direct from the factory that puts us (and our kids) at ease. 
  3. Refurbished devices fight the e-waste problem that’s destroying our planet – kids are the ones who are going to inherit this mess we’ve been hearing about. I’m sure even the youngest would appreciate how good for the planet refurbished devices are, if they could understand the gesture.
  4. Compatibility with older systems and games is easier – technology moves so fast that many schools and households can’t keep up. Buying a refurbished electronics can open access to the schools or programs your kids might be in that haven’t upgraded in a while.
  5. Parents rest easy knowing the warranty and customer service is the best it can be – buying refurbished doesn’t mean “buyer beware.” Our shop’s certifications, quality processes, product warranty, and easy return policy make your refurbished experience just as good as buying new.

So if you’ve got a child or teenager with wide-eyes, pulling at your heart-strings for something digital this season, check out the Sage Shop and see what refurbished technology we’ve got in stock. Our selection is as incredible as our discounts, and you can knock the socks of your kids while feeling good about what you’ve done for the planet.

Image ©: Kim Komando

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